Explore the Historic Site

Come Explore! T.C. Steele State Historic Site combines art, history, and nature on 211 acres of ridgetops and ravines in scenic southern Indiana. Download Property Trail Map. Download Map of Tecumseh Trail Connection.

ART & HISTORY at T.C. Steele

Visualize the past through the eyes of an Artist . . .

The paintings of Hoosier artist T.C. Steele (1847-1926), seen in his Large Studio and home, illustrate a career spanning over 60 years and chronicle Steele’s development as an artist.

The House of the Singing Winds is an expression of the Steele’s philosophy of combining art and nature with daily life. Take a guided tour and see—

  • Impressionistic Landscapes
  • Portraits, pottery and palettes
  • Arts & Crafts Furniture
  • Over 1000 books
  • Stencils made by Selma Steele
  • A Victrola
  • A player piano and a peacock
  • Sculptures and Still Lifes
  • Paisley Shawls

Follow this link to the Indiana State Museum collection of Steele’s work to view the art.

State site under renovation. Link to come.

Learn more about The Artist, T.C. Steele from the Indiana Historical Society.

The GARDENS at T.C. Steele

The Garden Patio, now under restoration. Photo Courtesy, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Become Inspired! Using nature as her guide, and the hillsides as her canvas, Selma Steele sculpted acres of seasonal bloom from bare Brown County clay. Her gardens became the subject of several of Steele’s paintings. From a few packets of flower seeds, Selma’s Gardens have grown to include—

  • An Allée of flowering trees, shrubs and perennials
  • A Wisteria draped Pergola
  • Heirloom Hydrangeas
  • Borders of fragrant Peonies
  • Iris covered hillsides
  • Drifts of Daffodils
  • Rambling Rock Gardens
  • Local limestone walkways
  • A Sundial and Gazing Globe
  • Old fashioned Roses

Butterflies and birds add color and music to your garden experience, and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer your botanical questions. Whatever your medium—gardener, artist, writer or photographer—we invite you to stop by and smell the flowers.

Learn more about the Steele’s ambitious landscaping plan. Call or email to arrange special group garden tours or to become a garden volunteer.

The GROUNDS at T.C. Steele

Explore the Landscape! Wandering the grounds at the historic site is like stepping into a painting and seeing it change over the years. Nature and history provide the backdrop as you—

  • Take a guided Historic Painting Walk
  • Spend a peaceful moment in the Cemetery
  • Learn about past Brown County farmers in the century old Dewar Log Cabin
  • Bring binoculars to identify warblers and woodpeckers
  • Set up a space to paint
  • Discover aquatic life in the Lily Ponds
  • Visit Steele and Selma in the cemetery
  • Find artistic inspiration at Steele’s Remote Painting Studio
  • Relax!

Visitors most often use the word peaceful to describe their experience of the site.
Here is Steele’s description:

The TRAILS at T.C. Steele

Hike the Hills! T.C. Steele was first attracted to Brown County by the picturesque scenery he discovered while hiking in the area. After moving to ‘Bracken Hill’ in 1907, he continued his ‘tramps’ through the woods, creating many of today’s trails. Now, you can—

  • Follow in the footsteps of Selma and T.C. Steele on five scenic Hiking Trails
  • Discover Nature’s greatest treasures in the Selma N. Steele State Nature Preserve
  • Take an Easy-access trail to the Remote Painting Studio

Early afternoon hikers. Photo Courtesy, The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, Selma N. Steele collection.